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Yadira FitFun

Fitness Couching Online

Fitness Couching Online

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3 months Commitment

You will be sent a Fitness and health questionnaire that you need to answer before the meeting. You can choose how you would like to proceed.

- option 1: We will have a Video Session to assess your current Fitness Level. (1h)

- option 2: I will see you in PureGym Kittybrwster if you are a member. (1h)

- option 3: If you need privacy I could do the consultation in my personal fitness studio space. (1h) 

Based on your answers and Fitness Test I will create a custom plan specifically for you, your wants and your needs. It will include:

  • Advice about healthy meals that you could incorporate into your diet and small changes you could start doing to help you keep a healthy lifestyle long term.
  • A tailored Fitness workout including your preferred exercises and focused to help you to become the best version of yourself that you would like to be. Every day and every week will be different.
  • Fitness Testing video chat to compare progress and create the new Fitness Plan which will be updated on monthly basis depending of the package you choose.
  • We will be in contact as much as you need.

You are more than welcome to join my Facebook group where you can become part of a small community. You can message me anytime in there or share in the group if you feel like it too. I will do LIVES often and Q&A in the end to try and help as much as I possibly can. You won’t be left alone for the ride.

* I strongly advise you to subscribe to this membership if you know your way around the gym. Also, I can plan Home Workouts if you prefer.
* If you don’t have much Fitness experience please book the 1st Step product to have a chat and assess the best way to help you.
* You will notice from the 1st-month improvement but big visible results need at least 3 months to show. My advice is to go for this option.

Looking forward to starting this journey together.

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