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1st Step. Consultation

1st Step. Consultation

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If you are based in UK you can book a 30 minutes free phone call after filling up some procedures questions.

If outside the UK we could arrange a Zoom call.

The consultation is the 1st step to getting to know each other and seeing if we are a good fit to working together. I will ask some standing questions about you, your goals, your health, your fitness, and if you have a specific date in mind to make this happen and if realistic. 

I will answer and or explain the different services I provide. I will recommend one of my programs to meet your wants and needs after doing a Fitness Test based on your more urgent goals.

If you have not booked a Personal training package then I will send some Fitness, Health and Nutrition tips that will help you get where you want. You can think of this as a visit to the doctor because you will be assessed and get a prescription. (Just a joke, but yes it kind of it is like that)

I know I can help you to become the best version of yourself but it does not matter what I think. You need to believe in yourself, believe you are worth it and most of all, understand that fitness is not a magic fix but it is a permanent one that benefits your health, boosts your confidence and more. 
I can only guide you, the real progress, you are the one doing the magic.

I am really looking forward to getting to know you and working together.

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